We are the product
of an illusion

We grow.
We progress.
We advance.

We come from a very long way, not easy at all, not perfect but very exciting.

We like to do things correctly, to feel satisfied after each job and to get up every day with the desire to do our best.

That's how we are at Puertamatic. Because that's who we are, the people who are part of this project.

Our team

Gonzalo Figueroa


He makes work a true pride in permanent self-improvement to offer you always a better version of yourself.

Juan Mancilla Alvarez

Socio Propietario

Always concerned about fast technical assistance so you can enjoy your doors without delay.

Hector Chaparro Santiago

Business relationships

Valuable consultant always offering his knowledge with sympathy for the best shopping experience.

David Cantizano

Hörmann technician installer

Passionate about mechanics with very clear objectives, to give the best every day.

Antonio Fernández

Hörmann technician installer

Strong values and excellent commitment, where experience is a degree.

Sara Díaz 

Administrative manager

Friendly and hard-working , she has gained the affection of our customers.

Alejandra Figueroa Moreno

Community Manager & Customer Relationships

Graduated with a MBA in Tourism. In charge of making your shopping experience a success!

Oscar Para de la Torre

Hörmann technician installer

Always motivated to guarantee the good result of the work

Sara Díaz

Administrative manager

Friendly and hard-working, she has gained the affection of our customers.

Number one manufacturer in Europe offering all the solutions with the highest technological level factories and R+D equipment which are working intensively on the development of new products.

We are not perfect Our doors are.

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How can I help you?

We are not perfect. Our doors are.

601 750 273

How can I help you?